Community Action Response Team

The Community Action Response Team (CART) supports families referred by San Mateo County Children and Family Services. CART’s team of community experts provides individual case management over a six month period to parents and caregivers to identify strengths and establish goals for life changing plans specific to each family’s needs. Participation in the program is voluntary and confidentiality is maintained for each family. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Access and assistance in obtaining healthcare coverage
  • Food and clothing resources *
  • Information on housing options, rental vouchers, and utility support *
  • Parent education and family bonding activities
  • Therapy and counseling services
  • Scholarships or mentorship programs for youth
  • Advocacy for student support services and individual educational plans (IEP)*NOTE: Some services are dependent upon certain income eligibility requirements

Although these services are provided by referral only, CART provides other programs open to the general public, such as group supports for survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse. CART’s caring team is experienced in working with diverse cultures and is fluent in English, Spanish and Tagalog. For information on mental health and domestic violence support programs, e-mail or call 650-992-2630.

For questions surrounding Children and Family Services referrals call the CFS hotline at 1 (800) 632-4615