Daly City Peninsula Partnership Collaborative.

Our Mission:

To promote and facilitate collaborative efforts to ensure that all members of our community have access to health, education and social services.

Programs & services.

After School Academic Programs (ASAP).

Kindergarten Readiness, Literacy Tutoring, Homework Assistance and Enrichment all these programs are offered at the 15 schools in the four school districts in Daly City.

Our Second Home (OSH).

Our Second Home Early Childhood Family Resource Center is Daly City’s first community center dedicated to the needs of young children and to providing support for the adults...

Healthy Aging Response Team (H.A.R.T.).

HART is a collaborative effort of local orrganizations that have come together to serve the rapidly changing needs of 50+ and person with disabilities. It promotes the sense of community-building by having neighbors helping neighbors.

Community Action Response Team (CART).

CART staff works with the families, usually in crisis mode, up to six months in order to stabilize them. The Program serves the Northern Region of San Mateo County.

Youth Enrichment Program.

Collaborating throughout the community with youth serving organizations to provide programs to both middle school and high school youth.

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